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1. Order & Payment :

1.1. All orders can be done via our E-Commerce website. Order can also be submitted via company's email or fax using Company's official Purchase Order. This is ensure that all orders are authorised by the Company.

1.2. If order is made via E-Commerce, you will receive a Confirmation Reference Number and also a Confirmation of Order. Once payment is successfully made, you will receive another notification with the Credit Card Approval Number.

1.3. If order is made via Email or Fax, our Customer Service will contact you once we receive the Email or Fax. Payment is to be made via fund transfer or via ATM Machine to our company's bank which is CIMB Bank A/C : 1279 0000 4761 08. If fund transfer is done through the same bank, which is CIMB, payment transaction is considered online. However, if the fund transfer is done through other banks, then the payment transaction will take 1-2 working days to clear.

1.4. Payment via cheque or Credit Terms are subject to approval by the Management of Hamper World.

2. Order Processing :

2.1. Order will be processed once payment is successfully transacted.

2.2. Orders that made Payment by Cheque or non-CIMB bank fund transfer will be process as soon as the payment is cleared to Hamper World CIMB Bank Account, which will require 1-2 working days.

2.3. Hamper World will then proceed to the scheduling of delivery. Therefore, delay in payment may result in delaying the process of orders

3. Delivery and Working Hours:

3.1. Our normal delivery schedule : Monday-Friday 9:00am-7:00pm, Sat 9:00am-2:00pm, Sun and Public Holiday Only for Pre-Orders.

3.2. Our Working Hours : Monday-Friday 10:00am-6:30pm, Sat 10:00am-2:00pm, Sun and Public Holidays Close

3.3. Delivery Address : kindly provide accurate and full information of the recipient. Inaccurate or incomplete information may result in delay or unsuccessful delivery.

3.4. Should re-delivery or de-tour of destination is required, a min. delivery fees will be impose based on the destination.

3.5. Recipient of the Delivery : kindly provide full name of the recipient in order for us to ensure that we are delivering to the right address and recipient

3.6. Scheduling of delivery will only take place when payment is received and full delivery address is provided to us..

3.7. Delivery Time during peak season will be based on our delivery schedule of the day.

3.8. Hamper World reserves the right to hold the delivery to the recipient should we are unable to contact the recipient to ensure the recipient's availabiilty at the given address.

3.9. Delivery is done via personnel of Hamper World, Gdex Courier.

3.10. If delivery is through personnel of Hamper World, we will provide the acknowledgement copy of the D/O, upon request.

3.11. If delivery is through Gdex Courier, we will provide the acknowledgement copy of Gdex consignment note, upon request

NOTE : We understand the importance of delivery, therefore we seek your corporation in planning your confirmation in order for us to arrange a successful delivery for you. You will be kept posted of any unforeseen delivery situation that may arise; therefore, your contact number is important.

4. Proof of Delivery :

4.1. All DOs will be signed by the recipient along with the recipient’s name.

4.2. If deliver to a company, we will request for a company stamp. If the company stamp is not available, we will request the recipient to indicate the name in the DO.

4.3. Should the named recipient is unavailable during our delivery to the given address, and if the available person at that point agrees to hand-over the product to the named recipient, we will then proceed with the delivery and will insist him/her to sign on the DO, indicating his/her name

5. Replacement :

5.1. Hamper World reserves the right to substitute any of the material used on the product that you have chosen, with an equivalent value due to unavailability of stock or if the quality of the product is not to our standard. Nevertheless, if there is an item that you “must have”, do call us to check before placing the order. Otherwise, we will substitute it without prior notice.

5.2. Options of products varies due to changes in weather, changes in season, delay in transportation or other unpredictable situations.

5.3. Replacement of product is strictly based on the discretion of the Company

5.4. Should the items in the product code is found damaged or broken, kindly contact our customer service (03-7497 0565), not later than 2 weeks from the receiving date. Our personnel will then arrange to proceed with the neccessary action.

6. Cancellation & Refund Policy:

6.1. The approval for Cancellation of order is based on the discretion of Management. Should the cancellation order is being approved, money will be refunded based on the percentage of work completed on the order placed.

7. Privacy and Security (Payment):

7.1. Hamper World will not disclose the price of the product to the recipient or anyone related to the recipient.

7.2. You will be able to check online your previous purchase (if you are registered as a member).

7.3. The credit card payment gateway is powered by MOLpay and all major credit cards can be used in this gateway.